ARCSA-USA enlists the expertise of highly trained and certified arborists throughout the country to perform an accurate diagnosis on your trees before we take any action. After the diagnosis, our team of expertly trained and experienced tree service professionals arrives to perform any number of different services. Our team of proud professionals not only performs their jobs well, they also do the little things, such as provide outstanding customer service. You can expect our tree service teams to arrive early and handle all of your questions with friendly enthusiasm.

If you need any type of tree service, whether it’s tree trimming or tree removal, give ARCSA-USA a call at 888-405-6810.

Here are the 4 primary tree services that we offer:

Tree Trimming

You may think you can handle tree trimming on shorter trees and bushes, but many homeowners who attempt do it yourself tree trimming projects end up causing more harm than good. Mature trees require power equipment handled by trained professionals to ensure precise cuts and prevent serious injuries that occur from inexperience. We ease the anxiety caused by extensive tree trimming projects during the free estimate phase of the project. None of our tree-trimming experts uses spikes to climb trees. Using spikes to move up and down a tree punctures the cambium layer of the tree, which causes the production of water sprouts around the main section of the tree trunk. We reach hard to access limbs using other means that are just as safe. ARCSA-USA offers tree-trimming services for emergency projects after powerful storms and as a preventive measure to prevent tree limbs from reaching power lines or damage sections of your home.

Tree Pruning

Many homeowners mistake tree pruning for tree trimming. Look at tree trimming as a job that prevents trees from inflicting damage on a car, home, or electrical line. On the other hand, tree pruning is the art of maintaining the shape and appearance of your trees and bushes. Our teams of artists sculpt your trees and bushes to complement the exterior décor of your home. Tree pruning also is the tree version of the human haircut. The old, useless, and bad looking ends of branches and limbs clip off to regenerate growth. ARCSA-USA only prunes trees during the dormant season to avoid pruning rapidly growing limbs and branches. Our team of pruning professionals uses industry rated high-grade pruners and shears that we maintain to provide sharpness and accuracy. By using the best tools, you can rest assured your finely manicured front yard projects a stunningly beautiful appearance.

Tree Removal

Do you understand the difference between removing an oak tree and a pine tree? Oak represents one of the strongest woods and removing oak trees requires the strongest equipment in the business operated by expertly trained professionals. Pine trees can reach heights as tall as 80 feet, which only tree service professionals can safely reach. Let’s assume you know the different ways to remove an oak and pine tree. Do you have the equipment to safely remove the largest limbs and cut through the thickest part of the trunk? ARCSA-USA employs a team of close-knit tree service professionals who know how to climb tall trees and rope down stubborn branches, without causing harm to any person or object. We efficiently perform tree removal services that allow you to stay within your home improvement budget. Whether you need a standing tree or fallen tree removed, one of our certified arborists can describe the procedures we use to remove the tree.

Stump Removal

Beware of the tree service company that quotes you an estimate for removing a tree, but conveniently forgets to include the price of removing the stump. Tree stump removal is an entirely different ball game than removing a tree. ARCSA-USA utilizes specialized digging equipment to dig deep around the stump and any of the major roots growing underground. The digging equipment we use exceeds industry standards in terms of both safety and performance. This means we perform stump grinding jobs in a timely manner to save you money. Stump diameter determines the cost of grinding an entrenched stump, as well as the type of tree. Stump grinders remove tree stumps by rotating a sharp cutting disk underground. We recommend you use us for tree and stump removal to ensure you receive a quick extraction of the stump, without any damage caused to your landscape.

Tree services are not something you want to let any company perform. It only takes one wrong move to damage your tree’s appearance. By allowing ARCSA-USA to handle your tree service needs, you can always expect us to treat you with respect. To arrange anything from tree pruning to stump grinding, call us at 888-405-6810.